If you can’t be here in person, feel free to join us via the web by using the link below. If you can’t join us at 10:00, you can view the service at a time more convenient for you. Your donation is important to us! Feel free to use the PayPal link or mail/drop off your donation at the office.

Sunday March 26, 2023>>>>https://youtube.com/live/Au-VY2NRuqQ?feature=share

Sunday March 19, 2023>>>>https://youtube.com/live/Li8ISTBb37s?feature=share

Sunday March 12, 2023>>>>>>>https://youtube.com/live/Li8ISTBb37s?feature=share

Sunday March 5, 2023>>>>>>>https://youtube.com/live/43H-Z1b3YGY?feature=share

Sunday February 26, 2023>>>>>https://youtube.com/live/VI4M9anUaD4?feature=share

Sunday February 19, 2023>>>>>https://youtube.com/live/ynnbk7VV6rA?feature=share

Sunday February 12, 2023>>>>>>>https://youtube.com/live/kxHVnL3e2cE?feature=share

Sunday February 5, 2023>>>>>>>>https://youtube.com/live/m6SKSrY1WpM?feature=share

Sunday January 29, 2023>>>>>>>https://youtube.com/live/aQLswXVtUXg?feature=share

Sunday January 22, 2023>>>>>>>>>>https://youtu.be/OZQQfLYdFek

Sunday January 15, 2023>>>>>>>>>>https://youtu.be/M0ZTRVfZJ0g

Sunday, January 8, 2023>>>>>>>>>>>https://youtu.be/m9RUpGheT90

Sunday, January 1, 2023 New Years Day>>>>>>>https://youtu.be/nKXZkWXzYUg

December 25, 2022 Christmas Day>>>>>https://youtu.be/-j–vGsga58

December 24, 2022 Christmas Eve>>>>>https://youtu.be/grOY9-VMLG4

Sunday December 18, 2022>>>>>>https://youtu.be/HKPf_BKzDFI

Sunday December 11, 2022>>>>>>> https://youtu.be/HKPf_BKzDFI

Sunday December 4, 2022>>>>>>>>https://youtu.be/MHRwAIa_0DQ

Sunday November 20,2022>>>>>>https://youtu.be/5E0TdXn6vbU

2021 Worship Links

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